Thursday, April 8, 2010

Daily Tasks and Tidbits from the Garden...

Each day I am going to make note of what I have accomplished in my garden. I tend to walk through my beautiful grounds and see only the weeds that I have not yet pulled and the tasks that I have not yet tackled . This is my new positive approach.

On my many walks with my dogs, I often see small special gifts from Nature. I am going make a special note on any flower,bloom, bug, weed,or animal in nature that made me smile!

My yard and life are full of blessings........I am going to look at my yard as an accomplished work of art and love and not as a burden.

So I may end up having two blogs in one day. Gardening is my soul, I am the happiest digging and planting. It is here that I solve issues and find peace. OK on a practical side as well, this will help me see I am continually improving and enjoying my ever changing and evolving gardens!


  1. That is a wonderful idea. It is so easy for those negatives to effect us - and to combat this is the opposite - thankfulness.

  2. Basil Becky, Isn't it true that we always notice what needs to be done in the garden and you only notice it when it's not done. But I do get the satisfaction when things look nice. The weeds are calling me in NJ. Love the spring flowering trees. We are awaiting the tulips blooming. We were in Cape May last night and saw theirs are in bloom!

    I like your idea of taking pics of the garden in progress. We have a wonderful job being attending to the garden. I love gardening. Don't really consider it work. Now painting and cleaning, they are work!

    Can't wait to by annuals: impatiens, petunias, lobelia & herbs: basil, parsley, rosemary...May 15th is when it is safe in the NE to plant.Have fun...check out pics later from my early garden stages...thanks for the idea!



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