Monday, July 26, 2010


Again Shelby Co Kentucky was hit by severe weather. The ones in the know called it a Micro Burst with winds up to 100 miles per hour. We lost many limbs and 3 trees. My pots were flipped over and tomatoes flattened. I spent most of yesterday picking up shade gardens are becoming sun gardens, all is Topsy turvey in the Kirts yard!

However....I took timeout today to drive up to Indiana to see my incredible Mom. At 92, she is amazing. She enjoys life with her best friend Burky the cat! We found him abandon the day we put my father into the nursing home. The cat was less than 2 weeks old and we had to bottle feed the little baby, teach her how to use the litter box and generally how to be a cat. Mom felt she was a gift from God, so she would have someone to care for and love. Needless to say this is one different cat!

But she is a blessing....we all need love and companionship!

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