Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Beginning......

When is it that we realise that perhaps what we thought was the "best" for just not the way it is going to be.... That perhaps your grown kids do know what they are doing..and that is it is time for you to let it go and move on to your dreams and goals.

Well I think the time is now....Welcome back to a new and improved BasilBecky. I am going to focus on travel,food,gardens,family,and aging in a new age. I will be 58 in May and I feel my whole new life is in front of me. We are a new generation.

Perhaps a month on Sanibel, inspired me..perhaps a grand baby on the way has inspired me...perhaps me trying desperately to find a way to escape the KY gray and cold has inspired me.... perhaps it was letting go of my best dog friend Tasha or perhaps being in the construction business has inspired me...I do not know but I am ready.

Let's Go

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