Saturday, September 7, 2013

What a Month

This has been a wild month. I have been in and out of hospitals caring for a sick husband( He is now on the mend). Writing articles and giving speeches, plus trying to maintain the gardens and harvest the prizes of my labors. I am afraid my blog has suffered.

I took in several bunches of flowers for the great nurses at Jewish Hospital downtown Louisville.

Today I am trying to again plant kale and other fall crops. I did this once and lost them all to MR Rabbit. So I have found a safe product that is suppose to keep the critters at bay. The marigolds have just been eaten. So we will see.

I hardly ever use any Chemicals even environmentally safe ones such as this one. But it is not going on any plants just a barrier on the ground around the garden. So I will know tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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