Sunday, October 6, 2013


Ok ......I learned as a young child not to judge a book by its cover also to apply this same theory to apples .

My apples this year have been prolific! The deer out in the field have been over joyed by the gator load full of half rotten apples dumped for their pleasure and my yard clean up.

As a young child in a family of six siblings, my father would use us all in his favorite activity making applesauce. We had to pick up every apple even the ones similar to my deer treats. If they was one spot on the apple that somewhat eatable we had to pick it up. That was the yucky part. However I loved smelling the cooking apples and cinnamon and helping him with the food mill.

He made many many quarts from the two large apple trees in our backyard, but by far my favorite were the batches he put red hot cinnamon drops into the hot sauce.

I recently found an apple peeler that has changed my apple phobia of cutting myself while peeling. So I am spending this rainy Sunday making applesauce, apple-butter, and who knows what. I have even purchased some red hots.

I am going to try several recipes, so I will give you the winners tomorrow.

But now, it has stopped raining and I need to go pick up apples.

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