Friday, April 11, 2014

My Mom

So what do you do when you know you are losing your soul mate , your best friend and in my case my Mom. Today my 95 year old Mom was moved to hospice. This is a blessing. I want my Mom at peace but I still cry over her physical presence soon leaving me

I know every time I walk in my gardens see all the daffodils, she is there. She gave me the love of gardening. She blessed me with her gift of writing and her gift of loving life.

I will miss her so deeply when she has moved on to a better place but I know her spirit will be in my soul and heart forever. She is the most amazing person I will ever be blessed to know. She loves her family, her grandkids and great grand kids more than anything

Every time I plant a flower she loved, pass on a big bunch of daffodils or write an article about gardening, I know she is with

me. I am taking these to her tomorrow. She may not be able to acknowledge she sees them but I know she will know how deeply I love her

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