Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter Repeating Itself

Yesterday it was 60 degrees, the snow was melted away and even my bees were venturing out. Oh but hold on, today we are under a Winter Storm Warning, with over a foot of snow predicted.

I went out yesterday before to see if I could see any signs of Spring. Yes, but they are late. But here is what I found.

Bees starting to clean out the hive.....I hope they are not searching for food yet!

 Parsley peeking out from under the mulch and leaves, always one of my first herbs,
Daffodils inching their way up, needing some sunshine
 I love the blue green color of the Pink leaves as they brave the early spring air.
Hellebores blooms or Lenten Roses seem late this year, can't say as if I blame them.
At least the snow will act as an insulator and give some protection. Maybe next week I will be able to get out and do some clean up. I am ready!!

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