Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Garlic Chive Love

I know they can take over a garden, butt wow they are so worth controlling and having in your garden. I have a hard time handling a lot of garlic but the leaves of this herb finely chopped give the kick without the burn.

I love the garlic chives lining the garden paths. They provide a wonderful border,  a great garlic kick, and the blossoms attract so many pollinators.

The secret is to keep them cut down most of the growing year. Then about the beginning of August, let them grow so the blooms develop. The blossoms make a wonderful herb vinegar, plus are totally edible in salads.

But what they give back is so incredible.... A wonderful bloom for the fall and a tremendous attraction to pollinators.  Once the white blossom is gone and it is turning to seed, you will need to be very vigilante about cutting them and removing them. ( they reseed everywhere).

So don't be scared, I feel this herb as way more positive then negative!!

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