Saturday, November 12, 2016

Beautiful Mexico Sage....

Yes…it is Mexican Sage ( Salvia leucantha) and it is blooming in my garden now.  I love the purple and white velvet blossoms.  They resemble  a lavender blossom on steroids. Plus they dry so nicely. Just bundle up a few and hang upside down. I love to use them in wreaths, they add such a great pop of color. 

Here is the low down:
Common Name: Mexican sage, Mexican bush sage
Varieties To Look For: ‘All Purple’
Color: Purple or white flowers, gray-green foliage
Blooming Period: Depending on your location, blooming starts in late August to mid-September and continues to frost. This is November 12th and it is still blooming!!
Type: Tender perennial or warm-weather annual
Size: 2 to 4 feet
Exposure: Full sun …don’t crowd them. 
When to Plant: Mid to late spring
How to Plant: Level with soil surface
Soil: Well-drained, average to rich fertility
Watering: Evenly moist, no wet feet

This plant needs to have a commanding spot in the garden. It will be a show piece in your fall garden and attract hummingbirds and butterflies get the last nip of nectar. 

Thanks to  for the low down info. Now I am heading to the Herb Garden at the Park to cut the Mexican Sage to dry. We are expecting a hard frost tonight and I cannot let the blossoms go….

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