Thursday, December 15, 2016

Beautiful Camellia's

I just recently discovered this beautiful southern charmer. What is more captivating than a bush that blooms during the winter months. This bush is next to my daughter's house in Athens Georgia. I was  down there the first of December and was taken in by this roselike bloomer.  Although I have spent a lot of time in the deep south, these are not as prevalent down near the Ft Meyers area.

The south is defiantly this beauties soul. In fact it is the state flower for Alabama. Camellias (Camellia japonica) are originate from from eastern and southern Asia. With over 3,000 named varieties there is no end to the color, forms and sizes available.

I have never attempted to grow this amazing plant in my Kentucky garden.  There is some hope, however as the species C. oleifera,  might possibly make it in a shelter area. It can withstand  temps as low as -15 degrees.

I have read that they make great container plants, I might try it as I have been able to keep a gardenia
alive in a container and overwintering it in the Herb House. I will let you know.

We will be in Charleston over the Holidays, so I am going to explore the botanical gardens that were established by Andre Michaux.  This enthusiastic French plant explorer and botanist first introduced these to this region in 1786.  He shared many of his prized camellias with his friend Henry Middleton, who had a plantation right next to Michaux.

Today the grounds are both open and boost of beautiful landscapes, plus much more. I will check out both...So more pictures of these southern belles to come.

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