Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bogi..The "Fancy Feast Cat"

Bogi came into our lives about 15 years ago when we were moving to our current home which is about 100 years old. My daughter was very young and the neighbor kids told her the house was haunted. She would not sleep in her room, so I told her that cats would not sleep in a room that was haunted and that we would buy her the Fancy Cat she had always wanted. Now we are more into animals in need of homes, but this was a special situation...and it worked. Flash forward 15 years,we do not have our daughter in the house, she is married and on her own, just this Fancy Cat.

The crazy thing about Bogi is that for the past 15 years, at 5:45 am Bogi begins his crying meowing rant. Believe me this will continue, getting louder and louder until someone in the family appears and gives him his can of moist "Fancy Feast" Cat Food.
Do not try and give him a different cat food or even a different variety, only the sliced variety of "Fancy Feast".

Perhaps I have missed my golden ticket by not contacting the company that makes "Fancy Feast", so if you know anyone who works there...pass this on. Thanks!!

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