Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bulb Planting Day

One of my favorite times in the Garden, is the early Spring. I love the color of the over 1000 Daffodils, I have planted against the pinks and purples of various early blooming shrubs, trees and different bulbs.

I vowed this year, I would not buy more bulbs....well I am here to admit I failed. I did not go crazy but I was taken in on a recent visit to Wilson's Nursery by some very early bloomers.

Today is a clear sunny but cool fall Saturday. I am going to take advantage of the afternoon and get this bulbs in the ground. That might help with my guilt, out of sight out of mind!!!
I am starting with some Crocus...I did a blog last year about the house on Main Street whose entire front yard is full of Crocus. I love it!!!! I have some but felt the urge to buy more!

The second group I am planting are Grape Hyacinths. I adore the purple with the bright yellow of my Wood Poppies and Daffodil. To add to this color combo I purchased some Early Snow Glories. It was touted as the only true blue flowering bulb.

Lastly, I bought 3 Giant Persian Blue Alliums. They are so whimsical in the Garden. Last year mine bloomed around the same time as the Siberian and Japanese Iris. It made for a really GRAND showing!!

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  1. I've got mine all in the ground. I always say, "not this year" and I find I do more than the year before -- but I am always so grateful in the spring!



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