Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recycling Wine Bottles

I have been trying to find a medium to use for a border for my paths in my gardens. I really wanted to utilize a material that I had readily available. Over the years I have tried various natural items but I feel the wine bottles are a winner! Several factors went into this decision.

#1 I seem to have a readily available source for the bottles. I love a glass of wine with dinner or as I weed the garden. Plus I love Mineral Water that I buy in glass bottles.

#2 I hate to waste anything. I have been recycling the glass but I have to take them into town.

#3 I have to drag the hoses through out the garden and the bottles stand up tall enough to protect the plants as I drag the hoses.


So here is the beginning of the lining of the paths. I first tried to soak off the labels before I put them into the ground, but that was very time consuming. Now I put them in with the labels and the weather elements take care of peeling the labels off. I have a pile behind the compost pile for dead wine bottles, so when ever I have some time I work on the border. My neighbor was worried and asked me why I had a pile of wine bottles behind the garden!! It is fine...just a great use of a resource!

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