Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dad.. The Daffodil Watch Is On!!

Four Years ago this month, I lost the most amazing man I will ever Father. He was a man of many different interest and talents, but for me his love of gardening is our bond throughout eternity.

Every Spring Dad would patiently watch the daffodils emerge. He had a special black book that everyday he would write down the progress of the leaves emerging from the ground. Dad was so happy the day the first yellow face lifted its head to the sky!! It was dully noted in the black book. My Father actually did the same thing with Black Eyed Susans in the Fall.

Over the year he planted 1000's of daffodils, all different varieties, which we have continued to enjoy every Spring.

I have continued the tradition and have planted 1000's of daffodils as well. I take so much joy in picking the flowers and taking them to friends, nursing homes, my family and anyone who I feel would love the bright beautiful yellow symbols of Spring.

So .....the leaves are now anywhere from 2 to 4 inches up. The mild winter so far has messed with "Mother Nature". Maybe I'll be passing out daffodils for Valentines Day!

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