Monday, March 28, 2016

Perfuming the Air

I know that Spring is on the way, when my Saucer Magnolia start to bloom. Magnolia x soulangeana fills the air with an awesome fragrance. I have two very large ones that I am sure have been there for many years. One has pink blossoms and the other has white.  They are both showstoppers in the garden. However if their parade gets rained on they are gone. The blossoms are very fragile and litter the ground as soon as the wind blows hard. All that being said they are among the most popular blooming trees.

Another wonderful combination of color in my yard early on is the addition of the Redbuds (Cercis canadensis) and Dogwoods( Cornus florida)I have just white dogwoods but I love the pink as well.  The redbuds prefer to be an understory tree, and will bloom much better if on the edge of a grove. A perfect combination with White Dogwood that prefers the same growing situation.

Now is still a good time to plant these trees for a spectacular show next Spring. After gray skies who among us would not be thrilled to see these pink and white beauties.

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