Monday, April 10, 2017

Yes..they are Trilliums

Yes  You were all correct…What is it Wednesday was Trillium. Here are some fun facts about Trilliums ( Trillium app ) 
#1 There are sone 39 native trilliums in the U.S. 
#2 Trilliums are slow to develop and spread but will live for over 25 years. 
#3 Plant this beauty in a spot that gets some early season sunshine love. They need the warmth, in spite of being a woodland plant. 

#4 They love a mulch of graded leaves.  This keeps the area moist and perfect to keep this beauty growing and continuing through the years. 

These are several different varieties...but they were all so beautiful... I love taking a walk on the wild flower side and viewing these special flowers. 

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