Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Great Friends Reunion....

Last weekend we hosted our Supper Club. These three couples, we make four, are like family to us. We have been meeting for over 40 years. So many amazing trips together, weddings of all our kids, anniversaries, baptisms, funerals, and just fun get aways....we have celebrated and cried all together.

I cannot tell you how important this group of loved ones are to Randy and myself. There are friends but this group are beyond friends...I consider them family.

Most of these dear friends had not been to Kentucky for many years.. we tend to travel to unique destinations such as St John's, Eleuteria, Santa Fe, etc etc....

But as time as gone on, we all have grand babies, so many obligations it gets so hard to get together. But not a one of us are willing to let this special group go.

So last weekend we joined together in Kentucky at Colony Springs Farm.  We have so much work to do on our 150 year old house that I was hesitate to have everyone staying here. But this is about friendship, love and history and not my Fixer Upper.

It was such a great 24 hours.. I smoked a brisket for over 8 hours, plus added recipes fresh from the garden. Everyone brought great side dishes and lots of great drinks.

So we ate hardily and drank freely and loved our time together....  Although it was only 24 hours it was so amazing... I feel blessed to have friends that I have loved for so long to stroll though my gardens and see my garden heart and soul.

Most of them are heading out to great adventures.. We are more low key this year. But how great to have these great friends in my Kentucky Gardens for 24 hours...

Hey..here is the best thing..they left some great food. So I took the brisket to the office and they al were so happy as well as they love the Blackberry Cake.

But tonight I took the left over Artichoke dip and Olive dip and stuffed it into fresh tomatoes...Then baked it and topped with great cheese. We will eat great tonight.

A big zucchini left behind has gone into the spaghetti sauce for the spaghetti squash we are having for dinner tonight. ( Thanks Peggy)

So much love to my amazing friends... And thanks for the left overs..the Kirts's have eaten great tis week.

Just a few images of what i did with left overs...

I wish I had my friends here to eat the tasty left overs.....much love

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