Friday, October 9, 2009

Tribute To A Faithful Friend

INDIANA 1987 TO 2009
Before we left on our Greece trip, I debated and debated about my precious friend Indiana
His health had been rapidly fading and he was losing control of his hind legs, yet every morning he would jump off our daughter's bed, follow me down the steps and loudly complain until I brought him his Fancy Feast. Using the litter box was no problem and he manage a winding staircase day in and day out, so I decided he was fine for now.
Much to my delight when we returned home early last Sunday morning, we were greeted by a familiar rough but loud meow. He purred and purred when he saw me and I carried him up to catch some sleep. All the next day he wanted to hang by my side, he sat with the dogs and gave the evil Indy stare towards any of the other cats daring to get near his Fancy Feast.
About 4:00am, I awoke from a dream that had directed me to go see Indiana. I found him near death but still purring. I wrapped him up in a warm towel and held him close. He continued to purr and hold on to me till the last breathe of his 22 years on earth.
I know Indy is now with all my other Pet Friends that have blessed my life. He had waited for me to return so he could properly say good-bye. We will miss the old boy but know he is content and out of pain!


  1. Isn't amazing how unconditional their love is? I'm sure you will cherish those last moments forever.

  2. Poor old Indy - how lovely that he waited for you to come home to say goodbye. Leigh

  3. I'm sorry for your loss. How wonderful that your kitty had such a long life in a loving home.



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