Sunday, February 24, 2013

Signs of Spring

So today it is 50 degrees(barely) but close enough. The sun is shinning so I feel like a big gray winter cloud has been lifted of me. I had lunch with my favorite lady, my 94 year old mom and shared my latest Hot Plant article in "Kentucky Gardener" with her. It was on Virginia Bluebells, one of her favorite woodland perennials.

I also took her some daffodils wands. Mom loves daffodils as my Father planted thousands in his life time. I have continued that tradition. So Mom is going to have the first blooms from my garden.

Anyway, back to signs of Spring. Here is a pictorial of what is currently trying hard to peek out from under the leaves. No worries not quite ready to pull all the leaves off but soon very soon.

Snow Drops, always one of the first

to let me know to hang in there Spring is coming...

And not to be outdone, here come the anemones...

The Crocus,which give me the Spring garden the most amazing purple, yellow, and white blossoms after a dull winter.

One finally small bloom. Just a hint of color to come. Please sun do not go away!!!!!

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