Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bee More Careful

This summer has been an adventure with my expanding bee population.  I have painfully learned so very much. My bee mentor, brother is coming the first of august to help me.  Here are a few of the tips I have learned. 
#1 When bringing the caged bees home from to place in the new hive, do not lean the box up against your chest to open the jeep back hatch. #OUCH

#2 Read the directions on putting the bees in the hives very carefully. The Dadant Catalogue has excellent step by step directions. Which I read over and over. I opened the wrong end of the Queen cage. Big mistake 
#3 Make sure the smoker is going strong, and I always need a good helper. I tried to do the first one alone and the smoker ran out.  The Bees rushed out and it panicked me. Thus the excuse for opening the wrong end. 
#4 I did have the queens marked but struggle to locate her.  Last time I checked the hives were very active. They were making honey. I have more supers to add. 
#5 Have extra hives, I thought I was so smart and had my hives all set up for the new bees and a swarm came and took up residency.  Quick trip over to Frankfort for another hive. 

I love watching which flowers the bees prefer..... very interesting. Cone Flowers are very popular.

 The Bees are all over the Cleome. They love it........

 In addition, the experts recommend that you feed the bees with a sugar feeder for about a week, after they are fresh in the hive. However, I left an hour later for a vacation in Santa Fe. Not a great idea. Came home to find out my Hummingbird Feeder had turn into a Hummingbee Feeder....

Lastly, make sure your mask is pulled tight. I gave my husband the total bee suit two weeks ago when we were going in to check the hives.  He was fine, I as you can see I was not. The bees got up in my mask.

I am fine now.......Here are a few more scenes from my adventure. I will keep you  updated. Hopefully some sweet honey for my efforts. 

Here are my new bees waiting for a new home....

Hives set up and waiting.... but wait ....visitors already occupying one hive

Getting the bees into the hive for a challenge for me!

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