Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday..Garden Catch up Chore Day

        It is not often that I have a Sunday that I can devote to catching on chores.  We had company plus the grandsons on Saturday so the house is a war zone.  But the inside chores will wait for the afternoon storms.
        Since we are going to have rain, I decided to work in the Pollinator's Garden, which was formerly the Bee and Butterfly Garden. Now its blooms pulls in so many specimens the name had to be changed. Within this space, there are plants that need to be moved around.  So this blog is intended to keep me focused on the chores in that garden before my garden ADD kicks in and my tools and I start to wander.
        This time of year, my Pollinator Garden looks a little sad. The Bee Balm was over so I cut it down. I leave it as long as possible, but it gets very tall and the everyday rains have caused it to fall over on all the other plants as well as the cleome.  I try very hard to find season long blooming plants for the pollinators.  It is always a work in process.
   #1 Take out the compost. So much cooking yesterday so I must journey out to compost pile for a dump.

But of course ...I get sidetracked by the Japanese Anemones. These are lovely to me and the bees!! But back on track.

#2 The beautiful azaleas along the walk way, were here when we bought the house. The last couple years, they have struggled. So I am going to work on them. Fertilize, prune and hope next year they will return stronger. I know this is not the best time to prune, you may end up cutting off future blooms. But I only trimmed off the no question dead.   Then added some special fertilizer for acid loving plant. Time will tell.

#3 The Cone Flowers are still hanging in there. I will let them go until the Finches have picked all the thistle seed out of them. I love seeing the finches hanging on them as the season transitions into fall.. But I have some different varieties in out gardens that need to be moved. Since rain is in the forecast, I am going to move them today and hope. I have wanted to do this for two years and have not done it, so I am doing this today!

I moved some different varieties in to this garden. Good timing because then the rains came. So working in this garden came to an end. But now when I look out my kitchen window, I no longer see dead twigs on my azaleas and hydrangeas. 

I was not able to transplant the Hostas, they are in the sun and not happy since I lost a tree last year. They need to good to a better place. That will be another Sunday. 

So I have done all I can for this rainy day, laundry is calling!  But at least when I look out my kitchen window I see this ...better.

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