Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Wonderful "Pass Along Plant"

 The 'Think About it Thursday Plant' is a great old fashion "Pass Along Plant". One of the plants you  will not be able to find it in nurseries or the big box stores.  You have to find someone special to pass it on to you.... That is how I received it.  It was from a wonderful lady who I have lost contact with but helped me with  my kids when I really needed the help and love.  Thanks  Michelle...

Hardy Begonia ' Begonia grandis'   spreads to form a large mound of beautiful foliage and very sweet pink blooms.

This quite beauty likes the shade, and a moist environment. It thrives wonderfully behind my herb house in partial shade along with ferns. I have tried to move it with no luck....

Michelle told me it was invasive but I have not had that luxury, in fact I worry about it year to year. It seems to be happy with the first place I planted it but no place else.  

I will baby it because it is a very unique wonderful shade pass along. 

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