Friday, September 30, 2016

OK..Mom Enough is Enough

              Mr Mother loved her cats!!  She had a small cat named Burky that she found the day my father went into a Nursing Home. The cat was very young and mom bottle fed it. It became my mothers companion for the rest of both of their lives.

But flash back, while my mom still lived in Brown County at Stoner's Lonesome, she faithfully feed an army of stray cats. It was very important to mom..They all had names from Stray Ray to Stoner...etc.

Before my mother would leave the house and move to assisted living, she had Janet(my older sister) and myself crawl under the house and get Stray Ray's kittens.  We each took two. One of mine was a paulydextrial cat.(a extra toe on each paw) and a duplicate of Stray Ray ...who I named Stoner.

They were feral cats so it took me many months of having them locked in a room and sitting with them to get them to come to me. They are tame, but still really skidish of anyone but myself.

So to make a long cat story short....I have them in the upstairs of my house, my son brought me a recuse kitty that claims the first floor of my house..Millie.  Chaos happens if the three ever meet up!!

But the story does not stop there. We had a momma cat in the barn two years ago and she had three babies. I began to feed them and now they have progressed from barn cats to gazebo cats.

As the story continues, when you feed stray cats the word goes out... So I am trying to trap, neuter, spay, and give away.

I hope my mom has found a good place for cat ladies in heaven, because I am not far behind her....

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