Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blackberry Lilly Plant

It is not a Blackberry or a Lily, but it is  Belamcanda chinensis,  Blackberry Lily Plant. It is actually a member of the Iris family and has recently been renamed  “Iris domestica’ 

This plant is very easy to grow and with its small star shaped bright orange blossom, adds good summer color. Each petal host some spots, which give it the nick name of leopard flower or leopard lily. What is very cool about this flower is that each blossom only last one day, then each night they begin the process of folding and twisting in upon itself to form the blackberry looking seed head.  Have no fear the plant produces many flowers during the growing season so it remains a pop of color through out late summer. 

The leaves are similar to iris and can reach from 1 to 3 ft tall.  They do best in full sun and require very little additional care. 

They are a great pass along plant, as they can easily be divided. The plant has a bulb for its base, but also can be shared by harvesting and planting the seeds. 

This plant is fun, unique and pretty!  What more could you want in your perennial border. 

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