Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Did you ponder this photo all weekend?

The “Think about it Plants for the Weekend” are Bronze Fennel with Elephant Garlic in front of it. 
First the Fennel, I love this Bronze Fennel and so do many pollinators. This is such a strong butterfly plant. It grows to over 5 feet tall and has beautiful displays of copper feathery  leaves, then the golden umbrella flowers emerge and develop into anise tasting seed heads. 
To me it looks like a dark storm cloud in the garden and just adds such an amazing contrast of color and leaf texture. It is edible and makes a very unique vinegar.  Once established it will readily reseed and can become invasive. But worth sharing babies to any special garden friend. Beware it does have a long tap root so it is more difficult to transplant when it is larger. To me it is a must in the herb garden. 
The Elephant Garlic is more like a leek than a true garlic. It has a much milder taste and very easy to grow. The bulbs can be dug up and eaten, plus the seed toppings are also edible. It will spread easily, so another great one to share.  I love how the seed head sheds its papery cover to reveal the bloom. It is like a person taking off a cap to reveal a head of purple hair!
These are two great herbs…enjoy!

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