Friday, June 30, 2017

Here is My Excuse or Excuses...

So I came home from work early this afternoon with one objective to plant the herbs I had purchased for my talk last Friday in Owensboro.  They had been sitting for a week, since we left for a family vacation at Vero Beach the very next day.

First..I got side tracked by the news that I was on the cover of "Shelby CountyLife" .

Thank you so much for the garden love!!

Ok..then I got distracted putting together some vases of flowers for a special friend!

So finally to my mission:  but oh no a big distraction.  In all my talks I say my Herb Yarb in front of the herb house is totally culinary herbs.  However, Celosia has invaded and taken over.  I love it but it is not edible so it needs to be moved. 

There is so much and I hate just throwing it away. So I will transplant some and pull the rest and toss on a compost pile, so it does have a chance to grow. 
These flowers dry so nicely and I love using them in arrangements, but they need to not be in this garden. 

I did not get done...but got a good start...  tomorrow is a long day. We will see...

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