Saturday, June 10, 2017

Happy Hour in the Berry Patch

Nothing better than a Friday Night in the Berry Patch.  I will be forever grateful to whoever planted these jewels in my garden 50 years ago or more.

It is always a race against the birds to get to these treasures. This year we have gotten two good picks.  Over 5 years ago, thanks to my son-in -law, we organized the berry patch and set up rows of trellis's. Over the years, the trees surrounding my patch have grown and unfortunately there is too much shade. Since both the berries and the trees are too massive to move, I just have to go with the current show.

These are Everbearing Raspberries, which just means I get two crops out of them.  Summer and maybe fall.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately over the years the Thornless Blackberries have pushed out many of the Raspberries.  Since I love these berries as well, I have not made the effort to save my red jewels. Maybe this year....

I will make some Raspberry Vinegar,  maybe a cheesecake, but mostly we will just have Fresh Whipped Cream and Berries.  As you can see I hit the strawberry patch first for the last few strawberries left.

Anyone you eat it, this HAPPY HOUR IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES.  Now where is my glass of wine?

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