Friday, February 26, 2010

Roasted Carrots, Feta and Parsley

While walking Tasha last night, I spotted the first young sprigs of parsley emerging from the frozen ground. I got so excited I promptly picked it.

Once inside, I looked at my semi- bare fridge(Friday is the designated grocery day) and spotted
a large bag of carrots. I remembered a recipe from an addition of my "Clean Eating Magazine" for Roasted Carrots.

So I tried it and wow it was so good that I am making it again tonight for my daughter and son-in-law. Never underestimate the power of fresh parsley!

Hurry up spring..I need more fresh herbs!.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspired by the Warmth and Sun...

Sunday was easily 60 Degrees! The sun was shining and the melting snow showed bright green patches of hope!!!

When we purchased this house over 16 years ago, I had so many plans the 60 different varieties of trees, multiple fruit trees, asparagus patch, raspberry patch, gooseberry patch, kiwi vines,fig trees , filled me with so many projects and hopes.

But life just gets in the way....

But now, I am on a roll, first the raspberry patch then who knows. This is actually a very long patch of Everbearing Raspberries and Thornless Blackberries woven in between with multiple varities of Daffodils. Peach Trees secure each end and an asparagus patch and Concord Grapevines outline the back side.

Currently scrub trees have taken over my patches...but we are on a mission. It looks like the weather will cooperate, I have the best workers food can buy, and the dreams of fresh fruit all summer long.

Results to be posted next week! Wish us luck.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Side Note on Visit !!

Friday AM, my daughter was caring for her two dogs and packing to come to Kentucky. Well, as dogs do, a spat between these two beautiful babies over which food bowl belonged to which dog, resulted in an emergency trip to the Vet.

Maybelle ended up losing her eye. She has very shallow eye sockets and Pepper's swat was dead on center. Fortunately, the Vet is only minutes away and as luck had it the Surgeon was in the house.

The journey to Kentucky was shorter and sadder, but Maybelle is doing great, only now she has a great new theme for Halloween!

It is ironic, because my wonderful daughter had just two months ago rescued a dog that only had one eye. We all fell in love with Coco! So perhaps this was God's way of preparing us for this new phase of Maybelle's life. One-eyed Maybelle will be even more of a Diva!!! I have no doubt she will continue to rule the roost!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coming Home

There is nothing better than my Baby Girl coming home for the weekend. She is my Best Friend and her great husband adds so much love to our time together. She will bring with her, "my grand dogs and cat" , that certainly will add an element of excitement to my already animal laden house.

So let the fun begin, we are predicted to have a bunch of snow...I don't know if King Charles Cavalier Spaniels from Georgia can handle snow...we will see!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The last week has been a mix of winter's worst wrath. I am so ready for SPRING!

However, Saturday morning I awoke to find the ground covered with a beautiful white blanket of snow. The ugly gray skies were replaced with magnificant sunshine, that made my yard look like a glistening cushion of clouds.

As I do first thing every morning, I took my big old dog out for a walk. Tasha, who is a Tibetan Mastiff loves the snow. Just like a child, she finds a perfect spot rolls down to her back and methodically wiggles back and forth. It remains me of all the times, as kids, we would follow the same procedure and make "snow angels". She will continue to sprawl her 12 year old body in the snow for several minutes, then slowly push herself back up onto all fours. Once in the proper erect position she will shake with joy and send snow flakes all around. Often times, she will go down into the snow over and over again.

As we lumber back to the house, I notice the brilliant red cardinals. They are all about in the trees and on the ground, jockeying for their turns at the newly filled bird feeders. They are an amazing contrast with white..almost like a Christmas Light Bulb dancing in the snow.

So maybe just for a while, this winter wonderland is OK!


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