Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yes Virginia the bluebells are blooming

I am turning 60 in 23 days. I have so many mixed emotions, but one goal is to blog everyday. My gardens are my soul. They represent where I have come from and where I still want to go. so I am going to try and blog everyday. I need to do what is important to me. So sharing my love and stories about life and my gardens is A #1.

My Mom Virginia loves these "Virginia Blue Bells". So I try to let her know they are now in bloom. They an amazing azure blue. But what is so cool is that the buds area pinkish color and then open to this blue. They should be planted where you do not mess with the area in the spring and fall because they fade away by mid July. Everyone who come to my gardens wants a start.

So yes Virginia. The Bluebells are blooming. My Mom is 93 years young. But she will always bloom in my garden

Monday, April 29, 2013


So yesterday I finally planted my pansies I bought them the end of February. It has been a cold couple months, plus being gone every weekend in April has been a Gardeners nightmare.

But I have seen some unreal gardens and had great family fun. Spring is going to go fast. But I love it.

The spring color warms my heart.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Forsythia Love

On a recent trip to DC I came upon the most amasing glen...it was full of forsythia.
I was just overcome with the beauty. My mom use to bring sprigs of this shrub in and force it to bloom giving us a glimpse of spring in February.  Mom love the bright yellow.....after walking in this glen I agree.
Probaly the best gold I will ever find..and I think my sister-in-law Pat agreed...

Spring is here

So I think I am about a month and a half behind last year. But it somehow does not matter when you see these images.

Much more to come. I love spring. It is a reawakening of the garden.


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