Friday, May 20, 2016

Catching up....

I always have such great intentions of blogging at least twice a week.  Some day soon I will stick to that but this last month has been a whirlwind of trying to garden (when it was not raining ) and travel.

I have lots of exciting topics to catch up on but....first things first.

I hope everyone had a tremendous Mothers Day.  My Mom moved on to a better place over two years ago.  She was my number one supporter of my writing and gardening.  I miss her deeply but feel her presence guiding me as I work in my gardens.

She loved all the spring flowers so every time I would go visit her I would take fresh bouquets from my garden. Her joy was heartwarming.

A co-worker asked me if she could possibly come over and pick a few flowers to take to her Mother for Mothers Day. So even though we were leaving the next day I said sure.

The result was a magnificent collection of spring flowers from Lilacs to Peonies all from my garden. It was 100%  Mom worthy. It made me so happy inside and I believe Mom was smiling at me from above.

Dava said her Mom loved it. So that was time well spent.  Happy Belated Mothers Day!!


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