Sunday, September 13, 2009

Garden Party

You are cordially invited to be my guest at the garden party being hosted here.

The Consummate Hostess and I worked together to create a Dinner in Garden Party for her Saturday Soiree series. Enjoy!

P.S. If the pictures of the garden look familiar that is because they are my own!
*Image source unknown


  1. Love your garden and that butterfly passing by. Just come over from Consummate Hostess. Great [joint] post. Julie

  2. So proud of you for such a wonderful job on this blog!! You go girl- Becky!! Miss you so much!

  3. Hello Becky, it is good to find another Ky. girl. I just came over from Heirloom Gardener. You have some lovely flowers and great photos. I have a post coming up tomorrow of my son and SIL's hilly garden at their lake front home. Hop over for a visit at my neck of the woods.



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