Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remembering Mary

Mary Travers of the band Peter,Paul and Mary passed away today. I was all set to blog about Rosemary,which happens to be the herb for remembrance, but Mary's death stirred so many thoughts from my past that I thought it only appropriate to have a post dedicated to her.

I had a guitar when I was young and the first song I could play was 500 miles(that may have been the only song I could play). I used to sing "Puff" to my babies and "Where have all the Flowers gone" is a song dear to my heart. Can you tell I was a 70's college student?

So for tonight just browse through my blog and listen to my tribute to Mary and think of all of the joy that Mary's words brought to our lives.
*Image from ernolaszlo.files.wordpress

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