Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Herbs at my Hand

One wonderful thing about this warmer weather has been the availability of fresh herbs. My husband and I are both on a "diet".  So I am baking chicken breast tonight. They have been marinated in Greek yogurt with fresh Italian herbs blended in and some lime juice. I rolled them in the yogurt mixture and then rolled them in oat bran.  They are baking in the oven and smell wonderful. I have melted some "Laughing Cow" light garlic and herb cheese wedges, with ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese and some low fat half and half.   I was able to pick some fresh parsley to put into this at the last minute.  This will go over the chicken.

I also made some Oat Bran Coconut Muffins.  That is all we will have tonight. Yes we are on a low carb diet for the time being.   I will let you all know how this goes.  Actually it is THE DUKAN DIET.  Have I been taken in by a French diet???   Friday I get to add all my fresh I will keep you posted.

If these recipes are good..I will post them.  Has anyone else tried this approach?

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