Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Biltmore

The largest house in America, the Biltmore was wonderful! We spent a whole day on the property , starting at the winery and then ending back at the winery. The tour through the house was excellent, if you go do get the audio tour,it was very well done and gave us an insight into life with the Vanderbilts. We want to come back and stay on the property. There is so much land to explore, different tours and I can not wait to see the gardens in bloom. We had a great lunch at the Stable Restaurant . I had a triple grilled cheese sandwich with pesto in between each layer, while my daughter had a delicious pizza. Her pizza was on flat bread with white cheeses, pesto, tomatoes and of course Basil.

We waited to see the lights turned on....magnificent! I cannot wait to come back.

The last day we journeyed into Asheville. What a great town. We had a great day shopping, eating and exploring. Our Thanksgiving Excursion to the Mountain Cabin was a great success!!

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  1. Oh I have been to the Biltmore. Went through it three times, could go again and again. We stayed in Ashville and I fell in love with that town. Went back the second day and went through again and saw all the gardens. I must be beautiful at Christmas. We went for the Spring Flower Festival.



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