Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday Planning!!

After a wonderful evening with our great buddies from Columbus,planning 2...Marge and Randy's 60th Birthdays, I am trying to re coop by working on cleaning out the Potager Garden. I have learned alot this year and still have crops hanging in there to harvest. I am writing this posting as a note to self...what to do different next year in this garden.

I love this garden, it full fills all my senses...sight,smell,taste,touch, hearing. I can go into this garden and find food and flowers and hummingbirds buzzing around my head...what more could anyone ask for!!!

OK... These are my lessons:

Do not plant my tomatoes so close together!! I literally have been crawling under the vines to harvest tomatoes. If I do this again slap me in the face!

Understand the plants I am planting. Number one example## Brussels Sprout Plants that have been growing since spring..just now showing the little sprouts, WOW I have never been so frustrated with a Vegetable...which by the way I love.

I do not need so many peppers! I need to plant more Bell Peppers in red, yellow and green colors. Not so many of the hot ones, that I can not even handle. I seem to struggle with the easy zucchini and squash, but had good success with butternut squash. I wish I could be the one with tons of squash. I could do so much!!!

I love my Greens..lettuce, spinach,kale, turnip greens, more more more!!! The zinnias are so fun and yes the wonderful Sunflowers!!!!

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