Wednesday, May 8, 2013


If you are an animal lover as I am and treat all my babies as part of your family losing a cat is a very hard thing. Yesterday I made the most difficult decision to put my beloved Bogi to sleep. Bogi was 20 years old. We bought him for Kalee when we moved to our house on Colony Drive. Someone told her the house was haunted so I convinced her that animals would not go into haunted rooms. Thus we bought Bogi to sleep with her.

Flash forward 20 some years.... Kalee's perspective husband. Comes to ask for her hand in marriage. My husband said YES but only if Bogi goes with them. That did not last long a they have two little dogs and Bogi missed Kentucky.

Bogi loved Fancy Feast. Every morning he would come to my room and howl until I fed him his can of Fancy Feast. So my advice is to to buy stock in Fancy feast as it will be dropping. (Bogi had 2 cans a day everyday)

Bogi had thyroid, kidney, and an ulcerated eye. I felt very strongly the quality of his life was gone. So now he is with Tasha, my Tibetan Mastiff, he loved her and would sleep on her back.

Rest in peace my baby. (Thanks so much to Tiffany and Kresin Vets for the love and understanding. They helped improve his life greatly over the last year)

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