Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yellow is Popping out all Over

Over 20 years ago I was driving to visit a good friend, when I spied pops of yellow on the hillside. Upon closer inspection, I discovered an amazing Spring Beauty, Stylophorum diphyllum . Commonly called Celandine Poppies or Wood Poppies.

Flash forward to my now emerging Spring garden and this plant plays a commanding role. The bright yellow blooms combine so beautifully with the purple wind anemones, daffodils, money plant, Dames Rocket and other spring bloomers.

It is not only the eye-catching blossoms that will wow you, l love the fuzzy buds and lobed bright green leaves as well.

Blooming period in my garden is from March to May, however in shady areas the bloom may continue a bit longer. The leaves do eventually fade and disappear with the heat of summer, but have no fear they will reappear after a long winter's rest.

They grow to about 1 to 1.5 ft. in height and have a spread of about 1 ft. wide.  They are a perennial and thrive in light to medium to full shade.

I love this plant mixed with my early spring bulbs and perennials: but beware this yellow baby does spread and jump around the yard a bit. But no worries, they are easy to transplant and neighbors love them!

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