Monday, July 27, 2015

The Naked Ladies are Back

One of my favorite mid-summer events is now occurring: The Lycoris squamigera,  I.E.  Naked Ladies, Magic Lilies, Surprise Lilies or Resurrection Lilies have returned!

Some twenty years ago, during the first couple months in this house, I notice a lot of green foliage appearing in random groupings. The leaves were very dark and glossy, wide and arrow like in shape. But no wonderful bloom ever appeared. If I had not been so overwhelmed with the move, I might have aggressively dug the up the bulbs, thinking they were worthless.

However, am I every glad I waited because just about this time 20 years ago, the arrow like spears began to shoot out of the ground. The end result were beautiful trumpet lily blossoms.

I had not seen these in Indiana, although I am quite sure there are "Naked Ladies" in Indiana and now I have shared them with my sister, so there you go.  They can be transplanted and it does help the bulbs to be divided very now and then. But do beware, these "Naked ladies" become a little disgruntled when disturbed, so you pay the price and they my not bloom for a couple years.

Just a few Hints:

#1   I have been slowly moving the "Naked Ladies" to flower beds. If you have an obsessed mower as my husband can be, the tender bloom shoots can be mowed over. I would have thought that showing him where "Naked Ladies" would appear if he was careful would be motive enough!

#2 Be  careful who you tell about the "Naked Ladies" in the front yard. I heard a story about man who was going to his choir practice at his church. He shared with  the Music Director that he had several
"Naked Ladies" popping up in his front yard. The story goes that the Director looked at him in amazment and replied... If this is true, why the heck are you here?

 All kidding aside I am so happy the previous owner of this it the missionary, or the retired author, the psychiatrist, or the original owner looking for a country escape from the big city of Louisville, felt the need to plant "Naked Ladies" in my front yard!!!

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  1. For whatever reason, mine bloom at least 2 weeks later than anyone else's. They are so funny. They are also called surprise lilies..........!!!surprise!!!!!!! there they are!



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