Thursday, September 1, 2016

Butterflies and Basil

So the what is it Wednesday picture incorporates two of my favorite things: Butterflies and Basil.

I asked everyone to name both the butterfly and the variety of basil.   Well here it is:

The basil is a new variety. This is my second year to grow it and I love it. It is Ocimum x citriodorum 
'Pesto Perpetuo'

This little basil gem is a charmer in the garden. It does not flower or produce seed, so no worries of constantly cutting off the seed heads.  It has grown in a columnar upright fashion, that is bushy and can get up to 2' to 4' tall. 
The leaves are ornamental, with their outlines in white and vary in shades of green from a lime color to a darker green. 
They are beautiful in arrangements, but also quite tasty with a mild lemon flavor. 

Add this on to your list for next summer.

And the butterfly is a Eastern Black Swallowtail or also known as American Swallowtail, parsnip swallowtail, parsley  swallowtail, or celeryworm. 

I have an abundance of them in my yard.  One article said they could even be a pest. NO WAY ...not in my garden!


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