Monday, October 31, 2016

YES...They are Toad Lilies is my excuse for taking so long to answer the What is it Wednesday Question.....
Visitors over the weekend and who could stay inside and write?

Anyway...this one was no fun! Everyone guessed it correctly. It was Toad Lilies (Tricyrtis hirta)

These first photos are of the common Toad Lily. It is an easy to care for, slow spreading, clump forming perennial

The leaves alternate along many stems about 30" to 36" long and produce an orchid like blooms. These bloom from late summer well into the fall. (They are still blooming now)

The blooms are very intricate and special. They are either white or pale yellow to a pinkish color but the coolest thing are all the spots. Each flower boost hundreds of dark purple to burgundy colored spots.  Get it....the toad part of the name!!

There are several different varieties, all very unique. These little gems like a moist environment with partial shade of full shade.  The leaf damage on the last picture, I believe is due in part to the dry late summer and fall we are currently experiencing.

I have never tried to grow these from seed, but has been one of the easiest shade plants I have grown. I love anything that blooms late.....well worth a try!

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