Thursday, March 23, 2017

What is it Wednesday one of my favorites....

WINDFLOWERS (Anemone spp)

I love my Windflowers. I am so happy that someone many years ago planted a couple bulbs. Now my garden is full of these little beauties and I love that they extend out in my yard. They spread and bloom before the first mow, so all is good. 

They have daisy-like flowers that bloom above their fern foliage. It is a very low growing plant but just seems to lite up the spring garden. The blend between purple and white blooms is captivating. They blend so tremendously with all my daffodils in bloom, it makes a wonderful addition to any spring garden. 

Plus, my bees are all over them. A must needed early nectar flower. 

I hope you will find the bulb and plant some…they are very special. 

I am betting you can find them at White Flower Farm. 

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