Saturday, July 11, 2009


I have promised myself I would blog everyday....We are going out to eat with a great friend tonight and I have been on the go all day. Farmer's Market at 8:00am, hilltop(local market), Kroger..then pilates class...then home to work all the rest of the day in the garden.

Here is another reason I love Basil: It was very humid today, I could not find a place to work where I was not being eaten up alive. So out to the Potager Garden. I weeded in the basil and no bugs!!! Basil is so aromatic that it repels bugs.

The roses are planted between the basil, chives and lavender. All in an effort to let nature protect and not sprays. They look good but unlike other years, I am already battling black spot. We have had so much rain!!......

I cut some lavender, to give to friends. Lavender is for remembering. Tomorrow I am driving up to Indiana to take my 90 year young Mom to her fav...Bob Evans!! I will take her Lavender and a bunch of Black Eyed Susans!

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