Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Athens Day 1

We arrived early in the morning Greek Time!! It was so exciting to be in Athens. I was immediately struck by the bareness of the land, I guess I was not expecting that landscape. However, our hotel was within walking distance to the Acropolis and the center of town. We spent the rest of the day walking around and soaking in the history and lore.

That night we ate with our group at a small bistro in the Market District. At the table next to us a group of young Greek Men were celebrating. As the evening wore on they began to dance and celebrate and pulled us into the celebration. A few Ouzos later we were all dancing and having a blast! Our group was very diverse, but we all united to celebrate the wonder of a Greek Night!

It was a wonderful way to start our trip!!

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  1. Have a lovely trip - Greece is a wonderful place to holiday ..... wish I was there!!
    Cheers, Karen



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