Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rachel's Bamboo!

To me , the best thing about gardening is sharing plants. I was raised in a family that did not let anyone leave a visit without sending something home with them, so my garden has helped me continue that tradition. I always have something to share, either cut flowers, starts of plants or fresh fruits. My Dad's great sister Rachel shared this Bamboo with me when I moved to Kentucky. When ever I look at it I remember her house in Columbus. Thank you Rachel, it is beautiful this year!


  1. I been trying to find out if I could grow bamboo in Kentucky. When would I plant it. I have the plants rooted but don't know what to do with them. What part of Ky. do you live in?

  2. Hi Queemmothermamaw, I successfully grow several varieties of Bamboo and I live about 30 miles east of Louisville towards Lexington. I would be glad to give you starts if you are close.

    I would go ahead and plant them now or early in the Spring. They have alway grown well for me when I plant them now.



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