Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lenten Roses 2012

I love my shade garden! It is always the first area to give me love early in the Spring, but the middle of January is a bit early. Yesterday I walked out to the garden and the Lenten Roses were peeking their heads out at me.

Helleborus Orientalis, or commonly know as the Lenten Rose, was the 2005 Perennial Plant of the Year. I would support this accolade 100%.

Lenten Roses are evergreen, blooming anywhere from late winter to early spring. Mature plants form clumps that are 18" to 24" tall and spread up to 30" wide. The plants can host as many as 50 or more flowers per plant which last a very long time.

They come in many colors and appear as single or double forms. As they mature they provide a host of babies to share or spread around. I am hoping they will spread enough form a nice different ground cover under the Silver maple Tree.

They do best in full to partial shade, adding an amazing array of texture, color and form to the landscape. They are great bedfellows to my host of early blooming wildflowers in the same area.

I like to think they are the garden gang leaders, nodding their heads to the ground as if to say come on out kids.....Spring is coming!!!

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  1. Your Lenten Roses are just so pretty. I have my first one in bloom now and I was so excited. LOL! I love your pink one.



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