Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yes, Virginia... The Bluebells are Blooming

My obsession with gardening was lovingly passed down to me by my Mother,Virginia.While raising six children she tended her gardens with a wonderful passion for nature. One of her favorite Spring perennials was the Virginia Bluebell or Mertensia virginica. Every Spring we would search the woods at our property in Brown County Indiana for the emerging leaves of this Spring Beauty .

When we moved to Kentucky, I hoped we would be able to grow this loved perennial in my Native Shade Garden. We have now been in this home 18 years and yes Virginia, the Bluebells are in full bloom.

Virginia Bluebells prefer light shade to partial us in moist wooded areas with rich soil. The blooms will last up to three weeks, but be aware that the foliage will die back by mid-summer. I have to remember not to do some aggressive landscaping in the fall and dig up or plant over the resting Bluebells.

Right now, the Celedine Poppies with their bright yellow faces are in full bloom smiling down on the Virginia Bluebells' hues of pink and blue. In contrast with all the new green growth of a Spring Garden these beauties are a must for a shady area.

Location:Wedgewood Dr,Shelbyville,United States

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