Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last warm days .....,

Yesterday it was 70 degrees outside. I took full advantage of the warm extended days and finished up my bulb planting. I have said every year I was going to start the process of dividing my 1000's of bulbs.This year I started that process and I had a large basket full of divided daffodils needing new homes. I seized the warm weather moment and started planting.

As I was planting the bulbs it struck me why this is so important to me. I was caring on a tradition that is very important to me. Every year my father planted daffodils and every spring my mom picked them and handed them out like candy at Halloween. I have done the same, planted tons in the fall and picked and distributed them in the spring. I take them to nursing homes, friends, the vet, my neighbors, the Office, the list keeps growing.

This week I have been struck hard about how important it is to not attach traditions to a certain place. Memories and traditions are carried in your heart and soul, the memories and love of what was important to my parents is what I will carry on.

Every time I see a patch of daffodils, I smile. This is not about a place, it is about a legacy that each and everyone of us carry on in our own way . That makes family history continue on and on.

That is what I am doing for my mom and dad..... Much love

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