Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Island Store

Wow what a find!!! Yesterday as we were going to a new beach we saw this local store. I had read about it before but never had gone at the right time. Mondays and Fridays they have fresh bread and wonderful sweet rolls, you must go early. They also had fresh cheeses, greens, pesto, and some fruit. All of this things are very hard to find on this island since there is basically no agricultural community.
This has turned out to be a very good thing for us! There are only a couple grocery stores on the whole island. Christmas Eve they closed early, today nothing is open and tomorrow is Boxing Day, so everything closed for the Junkanoo parades.
Lunch today was toasted rosemary bread with cheese and tomatoes from the Island Farm. Don't feel to sorry for us we are going to a Christmas Dinner at a restaurant on the beach later on. It will be complete with a bonfire on the beach and lots of singing.
Merry Christmas to all
P.S Will is fishing today. So perhaps we will have fish for tomorrow.

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