Friday, December 28, 2012

Winding Bay

The first stop today was at the Island Store. We just felt we needed the warm cinnamon buns that can only be purchased Tuesday and Friday. Then we decided to visit the area we stayed in with the whole family over 2 years ago, Winding Bay.

Randy really likes the gentleman that runs the gas station at the corner of the turn to Winding Bay, so

we waited to get gas so we could patronize his station. He acted like he recognized us.

Then on to Winding Bay. It is beautiful. We saw sea turtles out in the bay so Kalee and decided to snorkel. Really not much to see but it was fun

We did learn that Sandy had really effected the conch population. They go down under for protection when a storm is coming, but then Sandy dumped more on top of them so they hard to if find right now.

After a good hour snorkel, we are ready to move on.

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