Monday, February 23, 2015

Taking My Own Advice: February is National Bird Feeding Month!

Today I wanted to take my own advice and help my fine feathered friends!  After all it is National Bird Feeding Month. 

Think about this fact, the average bird weighs less than two nickels. Wow, I can't image staying warm and battling this harsh winter with so little to give! But thankfully we all have come to help.
According to many studies, bird watching has become one of the most popular hobbies (just behind gardening).

Here are a couple wonderful reasons to start this hobby for the birds and your enjoyment as well.
#1 Bird Feeding is a very important hobby as it provides birds with food, water and shelter. Plus all of this benefits the environment. All this is according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  They also report that over 47.8 of us are into the Birds!
#2 Bird Feeding is a very inexpensive hobby to start.  A few feeders, a bag of seed and you can start to enjoy the fun.

Here are a few hints from a novice, who loves her birds and hopes to develop this passion even more, that would be me.

#1 If you are a cat lover, as I am, keep them inside. I have learned the hard way how dangerous it can be on a cat to be outside, even in a safe area. But that is for another blog. Be kind to the birds. Don't set them up as dinner.
#2 Think about where you position the feeders.  We have several large picture windows. I love watching the birds from the comfort of my couch but they tend to hit the window and knock themselves out. It makes me very sad, so no feeders near the windows.
#3Don't over whelm yourself. Keep the feeders full and clean. Not get over ambitious and then let your feathered friends down in the dead of winter. They need you !
#4 Get a good set of binoculars and for me a good long lens camera. Also a good book to identify the birds. So many good ones, find one that calls to you.

So I filled my birdfeeders, the best I could. The feeders were frozen, the ground frozen and it was hard to even get out to the feeders. So a lot of seed I just put on the ground.
What ever, I think my efforts were appreciated.  I even had cardinals....Thank you Mom and Dad. They say every cardinal you see represent a present in heaven sending you a message....

Not perfect but at least the birds have some food. Spring is coming soon.

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